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black sabbath
cognomen wrote in marvelrpwithme
Max (or Cog)


Ways to contact me:AIM: cantconthiscon, E-Mail:, PM through Livejournal, Skype - I have it, I really am not too good at using it but I'd be willing to try.

Where do you roleplay: AIM mostly, will do e-mail. Prefer faster moving/active RP to 'pose and then wait a jillion hours' style stuff.

What style of roleplaying do you do?: Paragraphs in present tense is my habit.

Earth's I know: Uhh, movieverse, very very old comic verse, and some 90's era stuff.

Time Zone I reign in: Currently Central, but I will very shortly be moving to AZ, which means Mountain Time, NO DST.

Characters who you play: Tony Stark, that's all I've got. Would try my hand at Pepper, Coulson, Clint or Natasha.

Characters who you will not play as: Loki. Uh, just about everyone except those mentioned above.

What I'm looking for in my roleplay partner: To be honest I'm mostly just looking for a Bruce. For science adventures and porn.

Things I'm comfortable with: Yes. No, literally probably everything. Werewolves? Okay but alpha/beta terms are going to be used correctly by all that's holy. High School AU? We can make it work if I have to. Genderswap? well okay if we have to.

Things I am not comfortable with: No non-con, NO PEDO, No Real Person Slash. The rest we can pretty much work out.

Other notes or requirements: Author of 'How Many Scientists Does it Take to Screw In the Stark Tower' seeks Bruce Banner to my Tony. Likes long walks in the Iron Man Suit, early morning soirees with trouble, donuts, staying on Pepper's good side, and extremely complicated relationships. Promises to be friendly and easy to deal with. Help a buddy out?

Also can we maybe get some tags, like SEEKING:(Character) or PLAYING:(Character)? Might help posts get sorted/gone through more easily later, if the community gets bigger.


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