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marvelrpwithme's Journal

Marvel Roleplay with Me
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Marvel Roleplay with Me

Welcome to Marvel RP with Me. This is the one and only community where you can find a roleplay partner that is suited to your fandom.

What you will not find in this community:

1. no icons
2. no fanfics
3. no media
4. etc.

Just people who are willing to roleplay with you.

Some basic rules for this community:

1. Any irrelavant posts will be deleted, and their posters banned. No questions asked.
2. No community or forum roleplay ads will be tolerated. They will be deleted without hesitation.
3. No flaming, cursing, etc. Please act like adults here. We all just want to play nice.
4. Have fun and play nice. This community is brought to you by a roleplayer for roleplayers.
5. Copy 'n paste, fill in the appropiate information in your ad:

Your Moderators